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And 500+ other tech companies.

How Else You Can Work With Us:

Host a Virtual Job Fair 🤝

We'll host you in our Job Fair channel for a week where you can post jobs and share more about the company, benefits, culture, leadership, interview process, etc. Plus engage with applicants or potential candidates, and answer their questions.

This is a great way to fill your candidate and talent pipeline, get more interviews scheduled, build trust among job seekers in tech, strengthen your company employer brand, and hire quality candidates faster.

Premium Job Placements 🚀

Want to reach more tech professionals and ensure your open jobs are seen by more of the community?

We'll promote your specific jobs and company in our newsletter through the month as well as post them as key Slack ads for more visibility.

Help your jobs stand out above the other listings and get more quality applicants today.

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At Tech Workers Club we are helping thousands of tech workers around the world to learn, network, and keep a pulse on industry trends. Plus, helping job seekers connect directly with hiring managers or recruiters to land their next dream job faster.